There is Method to the Madness

There is method to the madness.

I call in the pure intentions of the universe to channel through this vessel, to express itself in healing ways, through abundant creativity. I call in the physical manifestation of reiki into being, however that may choose to appear in my life and be shared with others. I call in my ability to allow this energy to flow, to allow creativity to emerge, to allow me to be of service to others who need what I am capable of sharing.

I release my resistance to self-belief, I release the protective endeavours of my ego, I release my self-critical voice, I release my socially conditioned ways of thinking that have held me back from stepping into my full potential, I release my victim mentality, I release the blame I have assigned, I release the pain I have allowed myself to feel, I release the games I have played, and I release the lessons I have learnt so that they no longer need to repeat themselves to attract my attention.

I accept the importance of these experiences in my life, the good and bad, the dark and light, the ups and downs. There are no mistakes, because each one is just another stepping stone on my journey 🙏🏼






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