About Kerry

I’m Kerry, a creative and spiritual coach, guide and healer, who wants to hold space for you, support you, and walk alongside you at this point in your journey. I coach and heal others, through various methods including reiki, I write fiction and non-fiction, and express myself creatively, through drawing, painting, and singing. I’m continuing to learn new skills, adding to the services I have to offer the collective consciousness. Together, I want us to co-create the life you want; whether that’s through healing sessions, individual or group coaching, life-changing artwork, by motivating and taming your own creative expression, or by taking back power over your life through workshops and courses.

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I have travelled along this surreal path of spiritual awakening for many years now, flipping my life upside down, and feeling the call to be of service to the collective. I trained to Level 2 in Usui Reiki Healing in Chiang Mai, Thailand, spent some time living simply and adopting Mindfulness with the Buddhist Monks, under the tutelage of Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village, re-centred in Bali, at the Blooming Lotus Yoga & Meditation retreat where I also learnt the basics of Ayurveda, and I continue to practice a combination of Reiki and Transcendental Meditation as part of my daily routine. I also have experience working with Crystals, reading Oracle Cards, and Manifesting Abundance through the Law Of Attraction.

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I invite you to co-create with me, to take the plunge into guided inner work, and release your creative self-expression however you feel called to. I am continuing to learn, as we all do, on our journey through life, consuming self-help books and resources persistently, as well as exploring my own spiritual coaching with The Ascension Seed. Whenever we think we know it all, perhaps experience a lull in our lessons, another issue surfaces for us to address and I am aware that I do not know everything, that my clients often teach and guide me as much as I teach and guide them.

​​I feel compelled to pass on my knowledge and experience, to spread the loving energy through my life work, and embrace my life purpose in this way. I hope to heal the layers of whoever feels drawn to work with me, to make the connection with our intuition and higher selves, as a means of communicating with the universe, and facilitate the possibility of living our most fulfilled lives; healthy, happy, and empowered, as we all have the ability to be. Let’s embrace the creative state of abundance in real life.

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