Law Of Attraction


After years of absorbing information on the law of attraction in various formats, through books, talks, workshops, videos and coaching, it finally clicked and I understood how manifesting works and how to put it into practice. We have all manifested our current lives, mostly by accident. Everything we are, and have, right now is the result of our own previous thoughts. By accepting ownership of the lives we are constantly creating for ourselves, we have the ability to deliberately change and create future possibilities for ourselves. I have definitively seen the physical results of my manifestations, whether I set out to receive them purposefully or not. I have watched the process evolve with incredible awe, from my clarified desires to their real life outcomes, and realised that we really do have this superpower if we choose to use it.


            This is such a simple practice, yet so many of us don’t really know, or haven’t decided with unwavering clarity, what it is that we want. You have to be extremely clear on what the outcome looks like, sounds like, but most importantly feels like. You have to define your desire with absolute clear vision. To get into a decisive state, I recommend meditating. This doesn’t have to be an extreme devotional practice, just sit quietly for a while, wait however long it takes for the daily mind chatter to fade away, find a place of calm within yourself, and think about what it is you really truly want. Pick one thing to begin with, something clear and simple, maybe it’s a particular car, house, or spouse. Then write down your desire in the present tense. ‘I am driving, living in, in a relationship with…’


            Think about how you will feel when you have your desired manifestation. What is the ultimate feeling you’re seeking by having it? Money and material possessions give people a sense of freedom, or security, or pride in what they’ve achieved. Pinpoint the emotion you want to connect with and write this down, then imagine that feeling, really focus on feeling it and practice this as often as you can. By experiencing this feeling now, you have what you desire now. This is what attracts that thing to you, the thing that makes you feel this way is drawn to the feeling like a magnet.


The word ‘believe’ has lost its meaning lately, and while you will be advised to believe in the existence of your manifestations, my understanding of this process was flipped on its head when I stopped believing and started knowing. There’s a difference between believing in things and knowing them to be true. Children believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, monsters, etc.; adults believe in God, superstition, good and bad luck, karma, etc.; but although we can’t see electricity or the internet or gravity, we don’t believe in them. We KNOW them to be real things that exist, despite their similarities with the things we believe in. We can’t see any of these things, yet we believe in some and know without a doubt that the others exist.

I don’t want you to believe in your manifestations, I want you to know they are real and they are yours. Convince your subconscious without a shadow of a doubt that whatever you want is yours, it’s out there, and it’s waiting for you, just around the corner, just out of sight, somewhere in existence. Notice, also, that your manifestation is waiting for you. You are not waiting for it to come to you. This was huge in making this process work for me. You do not wish for something then wait for it to come to you. By wishing, waiting, even expecting, you are reaffirming the state of lack, the absence of the thing, the belief that you don’t already have it. This will just keep it at arms-length. Until you KNOW it is yours, right now, you will stop yourself from seeing it in physical existence. It will always sit out of reach, round the corner, out of sight, waiting for you to simply acknowledge it.


            The universe does not work for you, it works with you. You are responsible for co-creating your life, with the help of the universe. You can think up anything you want in your life, and the universe will help you get it, but you can’t sit back and let someone else do all the work. You have to take ownership of your life. You are accountable for everything that surrounds you; you have chosen to have all of these things, circumstances, relationships, and experiences. Do not be a victim. Be grateful for the power, the opportunity, and the knowledge you now possess that will help you manoeuvre your reality in the direction of your dreams.

            Take a look at your desire again. It should be clear, decisive, concise, and simple. Know that it is out there waiting for you to find it. Now think about what you can do to move in its direction. Be prepared to do whatever it takes to get it, and the universe will guide you.

The universe has your back, it knows what you want, and it will help you get it. You’ll find it also talks to you in strange ways, through various methods of communication including signs and coincidences that are personal to you. Know that this is your intuition, also known as the universe. You’ll probably find yourself receiving flashes of inspiration, or an idea out of the blue, something that will direct you towards your manifestation. After all, the laws of our reality mean we don’t believe things will just appear before our eyes, therefore they won’t. The universe will lead you in the direction to stumble across that thing you want, or build you up to have it. You might earn it, win it, or start down a new path in life that takes you to its destination. Trust your intuition. If you feel compelled to do something, if you’re sure it’s your gut speaking and not your logical brain, go with it.

Co-create with the universe, work with your team and do your part. If it’s truly what you want, you’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

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