Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is an incredible Japanese healing technique and spiritual practice, which can benefit your mind, body and soul –

  • an effective method of relaxation, and self-care. It can feel like taking a deep nap, a soak in the bath, or handing over the work of meditation to someone else on your behalf. After you relax and unwind, you will often feel lighter, like the weight has lifted, with an increase in energy, vitality, and emotional balance.
  • often relieves pain, anxiety, and even cures diseases. Pain is often a physical manifestation of emotion conflict, held in a particular part of the body in connection to its source. By channelling energy into the related chakra, this pain can begin to dissipate and clear.
  • can bring you greater clarity, focus, and motivation towards your life purpose. It can connect you at a deep soul level to the energy of the universe, bringing you back to your intuition and higher self.

I trained as a Reiki healer in Chiang Mai, fairly early in my spiritual awakening journey, during a year I spent living and working in Thailand. It is something I found came quite naturally to me, along with a strong sense of intuition and a clear connection to the source of universal energy. Reiki originated in Japan, and the particular lineage of Reiki I was initiated into, attuned and trained under, was that of Master Mikao Usui, the original founder of Reiki, before it was brought to the West via Hawaii in 1937. Reiki is a wonderful healing process for people of all ages – elderly people, pregnant women, children, adolescents, and infants. Reiki can even be used to treat animals, although this isn’t in my repertoire just yet.

1:1 Healing In Person

I invite you to book a session of Reiki Healing with me – a fully-clothed hands-on practice intended to harmonise the emotional, physical and spiritual state, and address any issues you may be experiencing. This healing is facilitated by channelling Reiki through the palms of my hands, directed towards particular locations in the body, called chakras, to re-balance your core energy.

Distance Healing

Reiki can also be channelled across long distances, creating the same impact to your body, mind and soul, that you would experience in person. This is conducted using a photograph of you or the person you want Reiki sent to, and although it takes an hour of my time and energy, you don’t need to be present, on a coaching call, or even tuned in to receive the Reiki healing.

  • Distance Healing inc. consultation setup – £55

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Card Readings are conducted using guided intuition and connection to our higher selves, they are used as visual and literary forms of the messages we have available to us at the present time, according to the present energy. You don’t need to be present to receive one of these readings, I simply need to connect to your energy, your situation, and be given a question or three that you want guidance for. I can then return your reading by email.

  • Intuitive Oracle Card Reading – £22
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