Twin Flames

Twin Flames are here for a reason, they are setting a new example of what love should be like. Twin Flames love each other unconditionally, sometimes unaware of their deep connection, particularly for the masculine twin, but they prompt each other to become the best they can be. The Twin Flame journey is not an easy one, nor should it be, as we all have deep ingrained issues to face and overcome. This is why many Twin Flames go through an often lengthy period of separation as they each work on themselves, before coming together in the most harmonious relationship possible. Future generations will benefit from this new love paradigm, and from the new earth Twin Flames create as they embrace and devote themselves to their life purposes in whatever work they feel called to do.

Meeting your twin flame activates your spiritual awakening. That is the key you need to focus on, to make the most of this experience. Embrace it fully, allow yourself to relax into the flow of the lessons you will learn on the way, safe in the knowledge that the universe has a plan and has your back.

The twin flame journey takes over your life in whichever form you are familiar with, mostly in a romantic sense. It propels you into a journey of self-development, clearing out your issues, negative relationships, and beliefs, causing you to become the best you can be, until you reach a state of being that attracts abundance into your life. This can culminate in union of the masculine and feminine energies within yourself, as well as potential union with your twin flame; reflecting the same balance of masculine and feminine.

There are various, often conflicting, theories as to what twin flames really are. It is best to take the information with a pinch of salt, only accepting what truly resonates with you. In the same way that we all experience life from our own individual point of view, coloured by our circumstances, upbringing, education and romantic history, we will all describe these concepts in different ways, using different labels, and different language. We are familiar with the term soul mates, and this term was previously used to label your ultimate romantic partner. Twin flames and soul mates are labels that people often use to talk about the same kind of person to them, and there is conflict around the semantics of these words. The language and the interpretation isn’t important, it is the personal experience you have. No one truly has the answers, but you. Listen to your intuition above all else.

Your twin flame is a person, usually romantic, what we mostly refer to as ‘the one’. They are your ultimate other half. Twin flames have been described as one soul in two bodies, which literally makes them your other half. If we take this at face value, without questioning or deconstructing it, this half and half theory makes it easier to understand that your twin flame is also you. In a way, you are experiencing two different lives simultaneously, from a masculine and a feminine perspective. This also means that everything you each go through affects the other, no matter the distance that may separate you, and that they would never set out to really hurt you, just as you would never really set out to hurt yourself. Your twin is set up to draw you in using whatever kind of love is most attractive to you, so we each experience a unique journey with a set of unique lessons that only apply to us.

You can also treat your twin flame as a mirror – looking at yourself from an objective outside point of view. You can see the issues your twin struggles with, the lessons they need to learn, and reflect this back on yourself to tackle the same issues and lessons head on. Getting through these challenges yourself helps your twin unconsciously do the same.

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